President’s Message – Winter 2021

President’s Message – Winter 2021

Landscape Update:

The PHPOA plays an important role in landscaping construction and maintenance for areas of the community not tended by individual homeowners’ associations. In the Fall, we refreshed the cobble and tidied up along the roadside at West Picacho Avenue; and we installed additional plants at the entry monument.

We now turn to the north side of Picacho Hills Drive from Fairway Village Drive to Via Norte. There are some troubles with the irrigation system that will need to be repaired before the hot summer months. We will also proceed with clearing and grading the lava rock area, creating water diversion patterns, and planting drought-tolerant plants like those designated in the Master Landscaping Plan. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to develop an irrigation system in that area. So, it is important to use plants that require little or no watering after they are established, such as Texas Mountain Laurel, Texas Sage, Ocotillo, and Red Flowering Yucca.

But even drought-tolerant plants need water occasionally and our challenge is to do so economically within the limits of our annual membership dues.

The NMSU agricultural extension agent has been a great help in reviewing the plans and making suggestions for improvements. If all goes well with the plans for this Fall, we will turn our attention to the south side of Picacho Hills Drive this coming Spring. Your PHPOA membership is what allows us to pursue these community beautification efforts.