October 1 marked the beginning of our membership renewal drive. Tell your friends and neighbors about us. There’s a lot going on and you can be a part of it by sending your check for membership. Here’s the form you need to fill out – Membership and Directory Form.

This year, the PHPOA sponsored two candidate forums, Spring and Fall Cleanups, continued landscaping projects from the Master Landscape Plan, additional merchants for our Merchant Discount Program, Neighborhood Directory, and more. We are, as always, your Voice on the Hill, communicating about issues of importance to all Picacho Hills residents.

We are always looking for volunteers to join the Board of Directors and/or any of our committees. See the “Committee” page of the newsletter for more information. We’d love to meet you and work together!


We must have your check and membership information form by January 31, 2019, in order to include your contact information in our Neighborhood Directory.

Please note the following important change: we will no longer be listing non-members’ full information. This is because we have no way to verify such information, nor do we have non-members’ permission to publicize their contact information.

The 2019 Directories will be handed out at our Annual Meeting on March 14. This service is just one of many brought to you by the hardworking volunteers of PHPOA. Speaking of volunteering, tell your friends and neighbors on the Hill about all we do for the neighborhood of Picacho Hills.


Our Newcomers Social is on Sunday, February 10 at Picacho Hills CC from 3 – 5 PM. Watch for your invitation in the mail. Please note: this gathering is for new residents, not new members, to explain who we are and what we do. We’ll see all of you new members at the Annual Meeting at 6 PM on March 14 at Picacho Hills CC.


Use your Merchant Discount card at over 50 merchants in our area. Yellow 2019 Merchant Discount cards will be sent to new members in January. Be sure to keep our Merchants List on hand so you can take advantage of every discount!


The Picacho Hills Property Owners Association (PHPOA) is a volunteer association striving to make our community a better place to live and is open to all Picacho Hills property owners. Our goal is to enhance the safety, well-being, sense of belonging, and community pride of Picacho Hills. We work with County and local agencies on issues impacting the community and serve as a communications link with Picacho Hills Country Club, other active HOAs, and the community at large.

In case you are not familiar with this organization’s good work, here are some the projects completed in recent years:

  • Redesign of the “Y” intersection of Barcelona Ridge and Picacho Hills Drive
  • Repainting and improvement of landscaping around the monument at the entrance to Picacho Hills. Retention of landscape company to maintain landscaping
  • Payment of cost of sign lighting, installation of cost-efficient lights
  • Repair and reinforcement of tiled street signs and repainting of posts
  • Repainting of Picacho Hills Country Club sign, as well as signs near the club
  • Contact with the County re: safety concerns, causing the County to repair curbing on Picacho Hills Drive plus damage on other streets; restoration of reflective signs on the curve of Picacho Hills Drive
  • Implementation of Neighborhood Watch program in cooperation with the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office. Payment for all Neighborhood Watch signs and their installation
  • Involving the Town of Mesilla and County Fire Authority on improving Emergency Medical Response time
  • 2017 Landscape Project – PHPOA paid for the Master Landscape Plan and collected donations for landscaping in front of the Doña Ana Water fencing at Fairway Village, up to the first cul-de-sac on the north side. Planned landscaping will occur this year at the corner of Fairway Village/Picacho Hills Dr. and the south side of Picacho Hills Drive

The PHPOA also provides these services:

  • Maintenance of the PHPOA website (
  • Three newsletters a year communicating PHPOA concerns and activities
  • Welcome Bags to new residents
  • Merchant Discount Program with participating merchants
  • Communication with Doña Ana Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association (DAMDWCA) on issues concerning homeowners in Picacho Hills
  • Safety meetings with Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office personnel to discuss community issues
  • The annual April Great American Cleanup, arranged by the PHPOA with Southwest Central Solid Waste Authority, plus another Cleanup Day in October
  • A directory of all Picacho Hills residents including names, addresses, contact information, updated annually
  • Landscape maintenance of Picacho Hills Drive from Fairway Village to the triangle at Barcelona Ridge Road, extending north to Via Norte

The cost of a PHPOA membership is $70/year, a small price to pay for being informed about so much going on in Picacho Hills! A membership form is provided in each newsletter and on the website. Sign yourself up, or give it to your neighbor. Remember, send the membership form with your check so we have your updated contact information. And please write clearly so we don’t have to “interpret” your email address!

Thank you in advance for your support of PHPOA’s valuable work for homeowners in Picacho Hills.


The Fall 2018 Newsletter is now available. Look for the Winter 2019 issue in late January.  Each issue contains articles dealing with a number of relevant topics including public safety, water company projects, the landscaping project, as well as updates on many other subjects.  Click here to view the current copy.

Need more information? The newsletter is published three times per year–Winter, Spring, and Fall.  It is distributed to PHPOA members via email.  In addition, it is available for downloading from this website, and printed copies are available in the Picacho Hills CC clubhouse.  If you know of anyone who is unable to access any of these outlets and would like to have a copy, please contact us through this website and let us know.  We will make sure that a copy is available to them.


The Picacho Hills Master Landscape/Streetscape project began on August 29, 2017, with Phase 1 screening the Doña Ana Water security fence with Moonglow Juniper, Oleander, and Texas Sage. Our plan is to proceed up the hill as funding permits. As you drive by, please notice your donations at work as we beautify our neighborhood. A huge thank-you to our donors!

Several HOAs have made significant contributions.  Many individuals have already made donations, but we hope that all residents of Picacho Hills will consider how important landscaping is to their property values and potential saleability of their home.  This is a multi-year project that cannot be possible without your donations.  (We are registered with the NM Attorney General as a fundraising entity and all donations will be used exclusively for landscaping.)

Checks made out to PHPOA Landscape Fund can be dropped off at the Club or mailed to PHPOA, PO Box 51, Fairacres, NM   88033.