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 Fall 2019 Newsletter 

Be sure to browse through all the articles on topics of interest to our neighborhood – public safety, water company projects, special events, landscaping projects, and much more.  Click here to view the current copy.

Our newsletter is published three times per year — Winter, Spring, and Fall.  It is distributed to PHPOA members via email. Click the link above to download your copy, or you can pick up a hard copy in the Picacho Hills CC clubhouse.  If you know of anyone who is unable to access any of these outlets and would like to have a copy, please contact us at



Merchant Discount Program

Use your blue 2020 Merchant Discount card at over 50 merchants in our area. We have just added more new merchants. Check out our Merchants List so you can take advantage of every discount!



The Picacho Hills Property Owners Association (PHPOA) is a volunteer association striving to make our community a better place to live and is open to all Picacho Hills property owners. Our goal is to enhance the safety, well-being, sense of belonging, and community pride of Picacho Hills. We work with County and local agencies on issues impacting the community and serve as a communications link with Picacho Hills Country Club, other active HOAs, and the community at large.

In case you are not familiar with this organization’s good work, here are some the projects completed in recent years:

  • Redesign of the “Y” intersection of Barcelona Ridge and Picacho Hills Drive
  • Repainting and improvement of landscaping around the monument at the entrance to Picacho Hills. Retention of landscape company to maintain landscaping
  • Payment of cost of sign lighting, installation of cost-efficient lights
  • Repair and reinforcement of tiled street signs and repainting of posts
  • Repainting of Picacho Hills Country Club sign, as well as signs near the club
  • Contact with the County re: safety concerns, causing the County to repair curbing on Picacho Hills Drive plus damage on other streets; restoration of reflective signs on the curve of Picacho Hills Drive
  • Implementation of Neighborhood Watch program in cooperation with the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office. Payment for all Neighborhood Watch signs and their installation
  • Involving the Town of Mesilla and County Fire Authority on improving Emergency Medical Response time
  • 2017 Landscape Project – PHPOA paid for the Master Landscape Plan and collected donations for landscaping in front of the Doña Ana Water fencing at Fairway Village, up to the first cul-de-sac on the north side. Planned landscaping will occur this year at the corner of Fairway Village/Picacho Hills Dr. and the south side of Picacho Hills Drive

The PHPOA also provides these services:

  • Maintenance of the PHPOA website (
  • Three newsletters a year communicating PHPOA concerns and activities
  • Welcome Bags to new residents
  • Merchant Discount Program with participating merchants
  • Communication with Doña Ana Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association (DAMDWCA) on issues concerning homeowners in Picacho Hills
  • Safety meetings with Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office personnel to discuss community issues
  • The annual April Great American Cleanup, arranged by the PHPOA with Southwest Central Solid Waste Authority, plus another Cleanup Day in October
  • A directory of all Picacho Hills residents including names, addresses, contact information, updated annually
  • Landscape maintenance of Picacho Hills Drive from Fairway Village to the triangle at Barcelona Ridge Road, extending north to Via Norte

The cost of a PHPOA membership is $70/year, a small price to pay for being informed about so much going on in Picacho Hills! A membership form is provided in each newsletter and also here. Sign yourself up, or give it to your neighbor. Remember, send the membership form with your check so we have your updated contact information. And please write clearly so we don’t have to “interpret” your email address!

Thank you in advance for your support of PHPOA’s valuable work for homeowners in Picacho Hills.


Join Us

Tell your neighbors who aren’t members that there’s a lot going on! They can be a part of it by sending their check for membership. Here’s the form to fill out – Membership and Directory Form. This past year, the PHPOA sponsored two candidate forums, Spring and Fall Cleanups, continuation of landscaping projects from the Master Landscape Plan, added more merchants for our Merchant Discount Program, produced the annual Neighborhood Directory, and more. We are, as always, your Voice on the Hill, communicating about issues of importance to all Picacho Hills residents.


At the request of many members we are restoring a listing of covenants and other documents of Picacho Hills subdivisions to the website.

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Meetings and Events

If your club or organization is planning an event that may be of general interest to the community, we would be pleased to list it on this page and add it to the calendar.  Please email details to

2019 PHPOA Calendar

33 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
92:30 PMSpecial PHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
307 PMDoña Ana Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association

Annual Meeting

Doña Ana Elementary


5551 Camino de Flores,

Doña Ana

Newsletter to be published by Jan. 30Winter Newsletter
13 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
63-5 PMMeeting for questions on BylawsPHCC Clubhouse
103 – 5 PMPHPOA Newcomers SocialPHCC Clubhouse
20Annual Meeting Notice mailing
63 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
146 – 8 PMPHPOA Annual MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
284 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
CHANGED TO 3/28PHPOA Board Meeting
138:30 AMGreat American CleanupPicacho Hills


23 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
Newsletter to be published by May 15Spring Newsletter
63 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
23 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
13 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
53 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
Newsletter to be published by Sept. 10Fall Newsletter


10 – 2 PM

2:30 PM

Emergency Preparedness Fair

Meeting of HOA Presidents

PHCC parking lot

PHCC Board Room

1Membership Renewal campaign begins
4  CHANGE2 PM  CHANGEPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
11 – 148 AMFall CleanupPicacho Hills neighborhoods
73 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse
TBAHolly Day House – PH Artists
53 PMPHPOA Board MeetingPHCC Clubhouse





Master Landscape Plan

Master Landscape Plan

The Picacho Hills Master Landscape Plan project has come a long way since its inception in August, 2017.  It wasn’t always easy, but we persevered.  Before we could even begin with the actual landscape installation, we spent a year interviewing and hiring an architect to design the Master Plan, preparing and submitting plans to Dona Ana County for approval, obtaining permission from Dona Ana Water to landscape on their property, raising money through donations from our residents, and hiring contractors.

Now the work is well under way with the landscaping completed in the late summer of 2017 at Well Site 15 located at the corner of Picacho Hills Drive and Fairway Village Drive.  Another couple years of plant growth and the obtrusive fencing around the well site will be completely screened out.  Following this, the other corner of Fairway Village Drive and Picacho Hills Drive was landscaped in the spring of 2018.  It should be noted that these 2 areas are the only areas that have the benefit of an irrigation system.  The balance of the project has been designed implementing water harvesting techniques.

In the summer of 2018, two more areas received attention where boulders and desert plant material were installed.  The first area being landscaped was located along Picacho Hills Drive at lower Miramontes across the street from well site 15.  Shortly thereafter, landscaping began in the area along Barcelona Ridge Road coming down the hill from upper Miramontes.  A water-harvesting pond with boulders was constructed, grading was performed to form smaller water-capturing depressions, a 400-foot section of the walking path was installed, and plants suited to non-irrigated, desert conditions were installed.

Also on the PHPOA’s list of accomplishments over the past year are the new reflective markers that were recently installed by Dona Ana County at the corner of Picacho Hills Drive and Fairway Village Drive.  Prior to their replacement, the old markers were 3 different colors, 3 different styles, and some were broken and in need of repair or replacement.  By working with the County, the PHPOA was able to convince them of the need for new markers.  We would like to thank the County for their positive response.




If you haven’t renewed your membership, there are several places on this website to download a membership form.  On the News page, find the section called “Join Us” or click on the top menu button “Membership” and then select “Join.”
Please mail the form and your check to PHPOA, P.O. Box 51, Fairacres NM 88007.  (For your convenience, the address is included on the membership form.)
Thank you for your continued support!
2019 PHPOA Annual Meeting

2019 PHPOA Annual Meeting

The PHPOA Annual Meeting is held every March, usually from 6 – 8 PM at the Picacho Hills Country Club clubhouse.   Join us each year to socialize, hear information, and vote on new Board members at this annual get-together.   Interested in taking a more active role in the Association? We are always looking for members to serve on the Board or on our many service committees. Please contact us at if you are willing to help.
Merchant Discount Program

Merchant Discount Program

Everyone like to save a few dollars whenever possible. As result, the Merchant Discount program continues to be one of the major benefits of PHPOA membership. The number of participating merchants varies each year, but you can find the latest list posted on this website. The list is quite varied and includes restaurants, home services, retailers, automotive, tech support, and many other vendors. Join us in supporting our local merchants. Remember to carry your current card with you. Colors change from year to year. New cards are usually issued in January-February.

Contact Change

Contact Change

Our email address is  Please add this to your contacts so that any future emails will not be treated as SPAM.   If you are member and your email account has been changed, please let us know so that you will not miss out on future mailings.

Water Company Update

Water Company Update

As interested consumers, we hope to see you at the Annual Members Meeting each January. Watch the fliers that come with your water bills for news on DAMDWCA projects and meetings

     If you have any questions regarding water matters, we have no relationship with the Doña Ana Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association, other than as informed customers. We do recommend attendance at DAMDWCA Board meetings, which are open to all DAMDWCA members and are posted on their website calendar. You may address your questions directly to the water company, or to our District representative to the DAMDWCA Board.




Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

As each quarter goes by, we have added more block captains to our program.  More block captains means that more of Picacho Hills is included in the program.   As mentioned in an article in the most recent newsletter, if you have not been contacted by a block captain, then your neighborhood is probably not participating in the program.  There are many benefits to participation, but most important is to be forewarned of any criminal activity going on in the area in a very timely manner and how to recognize such activity.

If you have an interest or know of someone who may have an interest in becoming a block captain, please contact us through this website and we will contact you.

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